Cosplay progress! So far just the bells and the wig, the outfit is in a pile of pieces while I figure out the new sewing machine, the sword still needs painting, the bandolier needs its pouches still  BUT I will post more as it comes together~ The wig is blacker in person hah. Gonna see about handles for the bell tomorrow when I go to the craft store.

Tegan, look! The beginnings of a sick Sabriel cosplay!

Guess I better get started on a Lirael display to go with… second assistant librarian, mayhaps?



Abhorsen Sabriel.

As finished as it’s going to get at this stage. I’m tired of looking at it, and i don’t really know how to improve it. At least not right now. I do’t think its too bad, but as with everything art-like, if you stare at it for too long, you only pick out flaws and you don’t look at the merits. 

Still! here you have it, including a variant for a potential cover. Because why not?

Also, this will be going on Deviantart too, first finished piece going up in a long-ass time.